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For me, Architecture is one of the Fine Arts and not just a profession. Our work as architects is to guide our clients to materialize their dreams in a tangible physical reality. A concrete result in which the three basic components of the Architecture that Vitrubio had given to us are manifested: Firmness in its physical existence, usefulness in its living space, and its beauty as a poetic argument (Firmitas, utilitas y venustas).

Understanding this gives meaning to our craft, either it be at the Studio, shaping our ideas, or even at the buildings, taking care of the smallest detail to succeed our mission.




When I think about Architecture, three fundamental concepts come to mind: Time, Space and Light. Existence happens there. Between them the daily life of humans is manifested.

For me, achieving a balance between these three ideas is what makes a good architectural design. Time tells us that the perception of the built space happens through a path, and light enhances and regulates the effects that this built form produces for us. It is then when the poetics of a building speaks to us.

Accomplishing a harmonious balance between these conceptions is the purpose and passion that motivates us as architects.

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