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Architect graduated from the Anahuac University (Mexico City, 1985). In 1987 he traveled to Europe. He settled in Madrid, where he worked as a designer for an Architecture Studio. Later he moved to Paris. There he wrote a thesis on Theory of Architecture, the foundations of which, since then, have governed the philosophy of his designs.


Since returning to Mexico in 1989, he has worked as an independent architect..


He was co-editor and columnist for the monthly magazine "El Petit Journal", for which he directed the architecture column "Sección Áurea". He has published the following books: "The Keeper of the Flame" Trópico de Escorpio, 2020. "The Apostle" Trópico de Escorpio, 2018. "Architects in San Miguel" LuCa, 2009. "Nadine Pérez, the devourer of artists" El Tucán de Virginia, 2006. “El Plan” Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 1995..


As a painter, he has more than 30 solo and group exhibitions in various museums and galleries, both in Mexico and abroad. His work has been selected on a couple of occasions to be exhibited at the Festival Internacional Cervantino.

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